Offices Around Marina One Residences

There are a number of office buildings and companies in regions nearby Marina One Residences. Many of these offices provide useful support for individuals and companies. While there are many of these office service companies throughout the Marina One area, we are going to look at just four of them today, Read of if you are interested.
Marina One Residences

Modetti Office Services

Modetti Office Services, or M.O.S., is a government accredited professional bureau in Singapore. They have three separate staffed offices all located in the Central Business District of Singapore. This company has been operating since 2002 and is known to have a reputation for affordability and reliability. They provide office aid and services such as accounting, international services, mailing addresses, virtual offices, business registration, and some others. M.O.S. deals with both local companies and foreign companies, allowing them to do business worldwide. They are registered with Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore ( IRAS ) as an e-Stamping professional services provider, and also a registered GeBIZ partner as a supplier to our Singapore Government. The worldwide connection of companies allows M.O.S. to provide more affordable costs and services. Recognized by many banks and corporate businesses, M.O.S. is capable of providing both low cost and high-quality service.

Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

Marina OneThe Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, or IPOS, is a statutory board under the Ministry of Law. Their agency uses expert IP skills to improve Singapore’s economic growth. They focus on helping enterprises grow through their own strategies in IP, doing their best to build up skills in those areas. The long-term goal of this company is to boost the ecosystem of Singapore to its limits, letting ideas become assets. Not only are they attempting to grow Singapore’s ecosystem, but their end goal is to create a worldwide partnership with a property-driven economy. The values attributed to this company are integrity, professionalism, teamwork, and people-focus. If you have heard of this company you probably know their tagline, ‘Ideas today; Assets Tomorrow’.

Centennial Business Suites

Rather than aiding businesses from a distance, Centennial Business Suites is a company that brings businesses to them. However, instead of aiding these businesses through monetary investment, Centennial offers them office rentals. The offices that they offer come in a variety of sizes in order to accommodate any sized corporation. Each office is equipped with an IT infrastructure, call handling services, receptionists, support teams, and email handlings services, as well as unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi access. Their offices are all fully furnished meaning that any company that chose to move into them would need to bring very little with them.

Marina One Residences

Corporate Serviced Offices

The Corporate Serviced Offices business is much like Centennial in that they provide serviced offices for businesses. Corporate Serviced Offices guarantees that any staff member within your rental office will have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in their field. They are known for their office space flexibility, cost effectiveness, and productivity. Their tagline is ‘We let you focus on your core business while we take care of your work environment’.

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